Bamboo Blues

035n_Bamboo Blues_©AndySotiriou2018.jpg
035n_Bamboo Blues_©AndySotiriou2018.jpg

Bamboo Blues

from 90.00

Prints are signed and numbered in pencil on the front. Signed, numbered, dated and titled on the back.

Small and medium sized prints are a limited edition run of 25. Large prints are a limited edition run of 15.

Image sizes:

small : 20cmx20cm / 8"x8" 

medium1 : 30cmx30cm / 12"x12"

medium2 : 40cmx40cm/16"x16"

large : 60cmx60cm / 24"x24" 

Paper size is larger to allow for white borders.

Larger sizes are available on request.

Price includes sales tax and worldwide shipping. 

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