I grew up in London in the 1960s. A great combination of time and place. I did a physics degree planning to work in science, but instead found myself drawn into the world of my non-student friends, who were mostly photographers, painters and commercial artists. I found, in photography, the perfect medium of expression that combined my interests in art and science.

As a freelancer I started photographing musicians at live venues for record companies,  who would later give me work photographing album covers and publicity material. I was also shooting personal work and selling it to publishers of posters and fine art prints. 

In the 80s I travelled extensively in Europe and the USA, building an archive of travel and commercial images for various photo libraries, primarily Getty Images. 

I moved from London to Spain in the early 90s and continued working as a commercial photographer for the next 20 years. I now work only on my personal projects for print and exhibition, dividing my time in Spain between Murcia and Madrid.

In 2016 I joined the gallery, BAT Alberto Cornejo, who now represent my work exclusively in Madrid.